Devry HRM 340 Week 8 Final Exam


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Devry HRM 340 Week 8 Final Exam

Question 1 30 pts
(TCO 1) Detail the advantages and disadvantages of using a web-based HRIS compared to an internally hosted HRIS.

Question 2 30 pts
(TCO 2) A company’s business strategy includes rapid growth, including a 50% increase in staff over the next 2 years. Describe/explain how the use of HR technology can support this strategy, as it relates to staffing (including forecasting and tracking).

Question 3 30 pts
(TCO 3) Keeping track of employee information has been a laborious task for HR. Through technology, this task has been automated in a variety of ways. Describe how obtaining employee information through technology has now included HR as a strategic partner within the business.

Question 4 30 pts
(TCO 4) As HR continues to migrate to being a strategic partner within a business, it is also involving employees in this transition, to allow them more control over their work lives. Explain in detail how Web-based HR systems assist with employee retention.

Question 530 pts
(TCO 5) Compensation, benefits, staffing, and performance management are four major components of the HR responsibilities. Thoroughly review each component, and specifically explain how technology can impact these functions, both from an operational standpoint and an HR standpoint.

Question 6 30 pts
(TCO 6) You have been asked to assess and determine what HR technology might help a current county HR department. It supports 1,200 employees, and all of the HR functions are manual. The office receives hundreds of applications. Describe how you would assess this office, and explain the process you would follow to automate this HR function.

Question 7 30 pts
(TCO 7) What are some types of software that can help us protect employee information? How does this software interact with our current HR technology? Explain from a conceptual standpoint versus a technical standpoint.

Question 8 30 pts
(TCO 8) HR has operated as a back-office function since its inception. Including technology in a traditional people-oriented business has created a significant change not only for the business, but also for employees. Explain how you would communicate this type of technological change to your HR team, as well as the organizations. Describe how you would handle questions related to potential layoffs as a result of automation.